💕 4 boys available and 1 girl available.

We are incredibly grateful for how smooth IVY’s deliveries were. Being a first-time mom with so many puppies can be challenging, but she has been absolutely amazing! The only thing she doesn’t enjoy is cleaning up after the little ones’ accidents. 😅 But hey, we understand, mama! You’re doing an incredible job! 💪🏼 she is a beautiful brindle red nose Pitt.♥️

The proud and handsome daddy is an AKC red and white piebald husky named DAGGER. He’s such a big baby himself, with the most stunning blue and brown eyes. 😍

If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to PM me. I’m here to help and provide all the answers you need! 💌

These little bundles of joy will be ready to go home around January 8th. To ensure their well-being, I will have a small contract in place. It states that if, in the future, you are unable to care for your pup or need to re-home them for any reason, they must come back to me. They are never to be resold. These puppies are family to me, and I will ensure they have a loving forever home. Rest assured, I always stay in touch with the families and know where all my puppies are. 🏡🐾

Let’s find these adorable pups their forever homes and spread the love! ❤️🐾


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