Hello! This is Benji, a 7-month old, very energetic puppy whose in need for a new home!

As I start university, I’ve realized that I barely have time to play and take care of him so I’m looking for a family who will give him the life he needs and deserves. Earlier this year, he was bought from a litter for $1,500 (excluding pet accessories); however we decided to sell him at $850 in hopes to make it easier to find him a home.

The previous owners told us that he is a Miniature Poodle but I’m listing him as Maltese because he looks more like one. (At least that’s what everyone tells me).

Fun facts about Benji:
-He’s still in his teething phase (although he usually only nibbles, he begins to play rough when he gets too excited)
-He’s not potty trained (because he would eat the pee/poo pads)
-However, he is very smart! He learns quick once you manage to get his attention.
-He loves to play fetch
-He’s a very social dog (I taught him to be friendly at a young age so he gets very well with other dogs/animals and new people!)
-He is super loving (gives a lot of kisses once he’s comfortable)
-He will be a good dog to cuddle once he gets out of his puppy phase and learns to be more chill
-He only ever barks when he needs/wants attention; he’s a great dog to take on trips and to be out in public with because as long as he’s not alone, he won’t make a sound (I would take him to school and found no issues in doing so as he was my ESA)
-He has heterochromia iridium (his eyes are two different colors; his left eye is blue, his right eye is brown—this condition doesn’t affect his health whatsoever!)
-He weighs about 10 lbs, he just looks a bit chunky because he’s very fluffy
-He tends to walk all over his pee but at least he stopped eating his poop! He’s still learning to be a clean gentleman.

Overall, if he finds a good home with patient owners, he has a lot of room for growth and improvement—and he will definitely own up to making his new family just as happy as he is!


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Hialeah Gardens, Florida, US