Introducing the majestic Bleu Cheese of The Cheesy Bunch, an embodiment of grace and loyalty from the esteemed Great Dane lineage.

With a spirit as noble as her breed, Bleu aspires to be not just a pet but a devoted companion for life.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to her health: Bleu will be fully vaccinated, ready for a strong and healthy start with her family.
Vet-checked and thriving, she comes to you with a guarantee of health, setting the stage for years of happiness and companionship. Her health is our top priority; therefore, she is dewormed on schedule to ensure her vitality and wellness.

Proudly registered with AKC, Bleu’s illustrious heritage is a testament to her quality and prestige.

Nurtured in a loving environment, our Early Neurological Stimulation program guarantees a well-adjusted temperament.
We’ve included Noise Desensitization in her upbringing, paving the way for a calm and well-mannered demeanor.

We make sure she will be Progressing swiftly in potty training, so Bleu is prepared for a seamless transition into her forever home.

A sight to behold, Bleu’s striking markings are a testament to her beauty and her majestic breed .

With a structure reflecting her parents’ exceptional build, she is on track to follow in their footsteps.

Her heart is as grand as her presence, with an affectionate nature perfect for family life and shared moments of joy.

Bleu is the epitome of canine perfection, awaiting the chance to fill your home with love and prestige. Secure your future with a companion who is set to inspire and delight for years to come.
Reserve her today!


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