Meet Callum, the enchanting Blue Frenchie!

This little guy is the epitome of charm, boasting a sleek, silvery-blue coat that glistens in the sunlight.
Callum’s captivating bat ears are perfectly perked, listening for the loving call of his new family.
He’s full of playful antics and ready to steal your heart.

Will be vet-checked and up-to-date on all vaccinations, Callum’s health is as stellar as his looks.
He comes from a lineage of well-tempered and sociable French Bulldogs, ensuring he’s the perfect addition to any home.
Raised with tender love and care, Callum is socialized with other pets and children, making him the ideal companion for any family dynamic.

Each step he takes is a waddle of joy, and his snuggly nature will turn any lap into his throne.
As a responsible breeder, I prioritize lifetime support for you and Callum, ensuring a smooth transition into his forever home.
Included with Callum are his favorite toys, a sample of his current diet, and a personalized puppy care guide.

Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome this bundle of joy into your life.
Callum is not just a pet; he’s a testament to the beauty and delight that a Blue Frenchie can bring to your world.

Contact me now to schedule a video call with Callum, your future loyal companion.
Let this blue bundle of love fill your home with laughter, cuddles, and the unique companionship only a French Bulldog can provide!


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