AKC upper mid European Great Dane pups.These babies are all magnificent, less common tanpoint showing and carriers will mature into truly regal Danes. They all carry chocolate genes and some carry blue which means that in breeding they may produce the prized lilac (AKC Silver) Tanpoint Danes. They also may carry Harlequin/Mantle/Merle pattern genes. Mom is our sweet and gorgeous girl who wants to mother all of our grandchildren as her own. She is a stunning, HARLEQUIN HEADED PIE girl. Sire is an amazing beauty with a personality to match. She is so gentle and loving. She is happiest to be cuddled on top of me. Genetically she carries pie, blue, harlequin. Reese daddy has the personality of the true Scooby Doo Great Dane. He is a tall handsome guy with a gorgeous head and structure. His color is a rare chocolate Tanpoint mantle. We find that this is the perfect combination of Euro and Amer lines. These will be magnificent pups, raised with lots of love and attention in our home. Our babies really are our family and are exposed to touch, human companionship, and love from the moment they are born. Puppies can’t see/hear for 2 to 3 weeks. Their sense of smell is the means of survival. We also provide them with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). This is the point in the pups life for rapid neurological development. These are 5 brief exercises researched and developed by the military to train their military support dogs. This program enhances immune system, gives a lifelong better stress reaction, and overall better health. It is endorsed by the AKC. We breed very carefully for health, good temperament, conformation and color. 15 years experience to offer you help, advice & lifetime support. We are certified members of Good Dog, a highly respected organization who holds breeders to the next standard of excellence. All shots, worming UTD, dews removed. We also do anti coccidia treatments and Kennel cough prevention vaccine. We believe that these two additional medications are very important in preparing your puppy for the living environment. (Most breeders do not provide this) The majority of our pups are placed on limited AKC registration. The specialty colors do cost more..such as lilac and chocolate tanpoints. We place our babies in approved homes, do a FaceTime interview before the puppy comes home. We start basic puppy training, leash training, water training and they are are doggy door proficient and are potty training started. There is a contract with return clause a2 yr genetic health guarantee. See pics on FB-Allens Ridge Ranch. As long as they are socialized as a puppy they love people and they have amazing instincts. We also have one who has won many canine police awards for detection…. I have tons of pics oh danes with their children. Totally dedicated to family! They love to run and play as pups. But spend a great majority of time sleeping and are quite the couch potato’s as adults. There is no greater enjoyment than taking them on family outings! We hope this helps you have a better understanding of our DANES!


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