They are like my children and I want to see them go to FOREVER homes so, I will have a small contract that states if at anytime you can’t care for them or any reason at all, I will always bring them HOME. Never to be resold, sheltered, used for fighting… ECT.

As I said that are just like my children and they mean the absolute world to me.

Introducing Ember, the captivating and Beautiful bundle of joy! 🌟

🐾 Breed: Husky/Pitt Mix
🏠 Home Environment: Perfect for active families with a spacious yard
πŸ’œ Personality: A loving and loyal companion, ready to steal your heart

Ember is not just any ordinary pup – she’s a beautiful blend of Husky and Pitt, creating a one-of-a-kind furry friend. 🐺🐢

With her striking eyes and irresistible beauty, Ember is sure to turn heads wherever she goes. β„οΈπŸŒˆ

Ember thrives in an environment where she can explore, play, and be loved unconditionally. She yearns for a forever home with an active family who will provide her with the exercise and mental stimulation she craves. 🏞️🎾

But there’s so much more to Ember than her stunning looks! She possesses a heart full of love and loyalty, always eager to shower her humans with affection and cuddles. πŸ’•

Whether it’s accompanying you on adventurous hikes or simply curling up by your side after a long day, Ember will be your unwavering source of comfort and companionship. She truly embodies the definition of a “man’s best friend.” 🐾🌟

So, if you’re searching for a four-legged family member that will bring endless joy and devotion into your life, look no further. Ember is the perfect addition to any loving home. πŸ’œπŸ 


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