This kitten is the coolest cat I have ever met. He is wonderful and we named him sunshine because he brings smiles to everyone he meets. It’s his wonderful personality that shines through and he doesn’t fight with other animals. We have a adult cat and two German Shepard dogs and sunny just rolls over and submits even when they are playfully fighting with him. The only reason we can’t keep him is because one of our German Shepard dogs is not playful with him. She is genuinely wanting to get to him to hurt him and it causes us to have to jump through all types of hurdles to keep him safe. He also won’t sit still for a perfect photo. We can already tell he is gonna be a really big tomcat. We have not got him neutered yet because getting old enough but we have had him vet checked when he was a few months for general health and he was very healthy. He has the longest tail we have ever seen on a cat and if grows into it he will be huge lol


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Arizona City, Arizona, US