Los Angeles golden retriever baby finds new home
These cute puppies were born on November 5th. We take care of them in shifts 24 hours a day. Every dog ​​has a good photo. New homes are now being found for them.
◎Dog parent test
Figure 1 is a photo of the dog’s parents. The dog’s mother is named Wu Zetian, who is two years old, and the dog’s father is called Ersha, who is four years old. They are domestic golden retrievers with big eyes, docile temperament, clingy, playful, obedient and smart.
Both dogs are purebreds, and both parents of the dogs have passed comprehensive DNA testing (congenital)
Sexual structure, degenerative rupture disease, depleting decomposition disease, generalized epilepsy
Testing for dermatolysis, osteogenesis imperfecta, etc.)
puppy information
1. Vaccination of C3 vaccine (will be given in the 6th week)
2. Get a veterinary checkup (6th week checkup)
3. Completely dewormed from birth ( weeks)
4. Comes with all necessary documents containing important information about the previous weeks
5. The puppy can be taken home in the sixth week, December 18th!


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Diamond Bar, California, US