Charting 6-9 pounds

Charming is an understatement when it comes to the Havanese. This smart, sweet, eager-to-please, and easy-to-train dog is a natural extrovert that loves entertaining They are intelligent, calm, sweet natured, affectionate and its activity level is low to moderate. Friendly and alert This breed possesses a high degree of intelligence, making it a top candidate for the obedience ring. They love to be around people, and readily accept strangers. The Havanese has a very even temperament, which makes it an ideal therapy dog.

The Mi-Ki (pronounced Mee-Kee) is a rare, toy breed dog selectively bred for calm companionship and an engaging personality.

Mi-Kis are great companion dogs, happy, loving and sweet.
They enjoy excellent health in the purebred lines.
Mi-Kis are very intelligent and easy to train.
They are happy in condos and apartments. Walks aren’t necessary but your Mi-Ki will enjoy a walk or a run if you wish.
They will use a litter box, piddle pads or will potty outside as you desire.
They are hypoallergenic and low to non shedding. Because they are single coated and have hair instead of fur, many people who are allergic to dog hair or dander experience no allergic reaction around Mi-Kis.
Mi-Kis love kids, cats and dogs of all sizes. Even so, they won’t mind being the only pet. Their easy going, gentle personalities allow them to be a part of almost any home.
Long coat sporting one ear up and one ear down
Solid smooth coat Mi-Ki puppy with winged or folded ears
Solid gold long coat Mi-Ki puppy with down or drop ears
Color marking patterns are either parti or solid. Read more about Color Marking Patterns.
Colors include cream, red, silver, black, white, blue, apricot, sable, gold, brown, beige, tan, chocolate, brindle, fawn and mahogany. Puppies will often change color before they reach adulthood. Read more about Mi-Ki Colors.
There are two varieties, long coat and smooth face, also called smooth coat (affectionately called “smoothies”). Smooth face or smooth coat Mi-Kis do not have a beard or mustache and body hair is shorter and requires almost no grooming. Both varieties feature a heavily plumed tail curved over the back. Read more about Coat Types.
Coat texture can be silky or cottony. Silky lies close to the body and requires very little grooming Cottony has a puffy, fuller look, mats easier and requires more grooming. Cottony coats are still easy to maintain with regular combing or brushing.
Ear settings can be erect (up), drop (down) or folded (winged). Occasionally, during the teething months, a puppy will have each of their ears in a different ear set for a time. By maturity, both ears should be in the same ear set. All Mi-Kis have mobile and expressive ears.
Mi-Kis live into their teens.
They are recognized and shown in the International All Breed Canine Association, International Canine Events and International Canine Kennel Club.
The American Mi-Ki Registry Association (AMRA) is dedicated to excellence in the breed and is the largest Mi-Ki registry. For details on breed standards, please visit the AMRA Website.

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