Standard poodle for sale. AnnieBell is two yrs old. She’s very well mannered and housetrained. She has been a house, dog, her entire life so looking for a family that will continue that for her. The only reason I’m considering letting her go is because it’s just me at home and I work a lot so she’s in her kennel most of the day almost every day and I feel so bad and I want her to have a family with some children, so that she can enjoy life with them. She has all of her shots and vaccinations and she comes with a lot of toys, grooming supplies, and a book all about poodles. She still has menstrual cycles because I want it to breed her but never did. She is 100% standard poodle. I purchased from a poodle breeder and I paid $1000 for her when she was born for my birthday. The only reason I’m letting her go for so cheap is because I want her to have a family. She’s just a big baby (60 lbs) full of love and I want her to have a home full of love. She’s a really good girl and she barely barks unless she’s in the window watching somebody walk past the house lol. So if you’re looking, please reach out my baby needs a home.


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