Introducing Lyla, the fabulous Cava Tzu!

For those who are scratching their heads, a Cava Tzu is a fancy mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (yes, like the Lady & the Tramp dog) and a Shih Tzu.

She’s not just any old pup – she was fashionably late to the party and definitely not the runt of the litter. Born on January 30th, 2024, she tipped the scales at a mere 5 oz.

Her mom, Aurora, is a petite 9 lbs beauty with a blenheim coat and stylish black ear markings. And let’s not forget about her dad, Toby, also a 9 lbs stud with matching blenheim coloring.

Lyla rocks a tri-color coat with stunning white accents on her head, tail, and paws. She’s a little diva who thrives on attention and loves nothing more than playing with toys and showing off her hopping skills.

At just 6 weeks old, she’s already a whopping 2 lbs 3.4 oz and stands tall at 4½”. She’s a growing girl with big dreams of finding the perfect family to spoil her.

If you think you can handle her fabulousness, don’t be shy – reach out and claim your spot as Lyla’s new favorite human


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Tooele, Utah, US