Meet Your New Best Friend: An Exquisite Male Chocolate Cryptic Merle French Bulldog!

Introducing a stunning male French Bulldog with a rare and captivating chocolate cryptic merle coat.
Born on the 18th of March, 2023, this little guy is already stealing hearts with his unique patterning and charming personality.

Vaccinations? Up to date!
Our commitment to his health includes a complete vaccination schedule, ensuring he’s protected and ready for all the adventures you’ll embark on together.

Vet Checked? Thoroughly!
We’ve ensured that he’s had a comprehensive veterinary checkup, giving you peace of mind that he’s in tip-top shape.

Neutering? Your choice.
He comes to you not neutered, giving you the option to make the best decision for his future in consultation with your vet.

Dewormed? Absolutely!
We’ve taken the necessary steps to deworm him, providing a healthy start and ensuring he’s ready to grow into a strong, healthy dog.

Registered? Of course!
This precious pup is registered, providing assurance of his pedigree and the high standards we uphold for our breeding program.

Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome this incredible French Bulldog into your life.
He’s more than just a pet; he’s a companion, a friend, and a new member of your family.

Interested in making him yours?
Contact us to learn more and to schedule a meet-and-greet with your future furry best friend!



Atlanta, Georgia, US