3 girls
3 boys
Born on Valentine’s Day !
Healthy and latching and feeding amazingly.
Mom is on a an extra high nutrition diet for the puppies.
Vet checked- tails are ducked to 1/3rd

Incredibly cute and healthy!
All are eating really well.
Tails are ducked.

***** We have fed the mom and have been feeding her with sheep liver, kidney, heart, organic ground beef, sweet potatoes and peas. ******

They are only a few days old now !
Eyes are still closed.
Can’t wait to see their colored eyes !!!!

Contact us for on FaceTime video / call for any questions.

Feb 16 UPDATE:

Puppies are born !!!
3 girls
3 boys
Puppies are ready for their forever homes in April.

They are non shedding, hypoallergenic, adult size of less than 20 pounds, fluff balls !

We are in San francisco Bay area, CA Happy to connect live!

You can hold a puppy with a $500 deposit.

Our history:

We started breeding quite some time ago with breeding toy poodles that are of amazing quality,high intelligence, genetically healthy and long living, After 15 years, we are now in love with the intelligence of Australian shepherds which led us to the mini Aussie doodles, which are known to be the Einstein of dogs!

A little about the mom and dad:
Luna is a blue Merle Rocket is a red/brown toy poodle
Both are around 2.5 years old.
Amazing temperament, cuddle bugs Great with kids and hangs out and even watches TV with you!


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Pleasant Hill, California, US