She is completely FREE, but she has to go TODAY Jan 8th before 12:30pm!!!

Meet Snowhite, shes currently 6. She all white, shes a big baby and she loves people. I unfortunately have to get rid of her due to me moving and due to the fact I cant give her all the attention she needs anymore because I work all the time and is no longer home. Ive had multiple people tell me they were interested as I was giving her away for free at the time because I just wanted her to go to a good home. But people always bail or never showed up. So Im hoping I can find her next beautiful home. As I mentioned before shes a big baby, she loves kids, she loves to play and she gives the best snuggles every!

She enjoys being outside being able to run around free. She listens well, knows basic commands and she also loves her fruits and veggies! If you need a companion she’d make the perfect partner in crime. She is not spayed so she wears a diaper when shes in heat, Ive never mated her and never planned too.

She truly is just the best baby ever but Im no longer home like I should be to take care of her and thats not fair to her and I have to move and she can’t come with. I want to find her a great home. If you are truly interested please inquire about her. You wouldnt make a mistake, it would be the best decision of your life. And please don’t say I don’t love my dog, I’ve had her since she was 8weeks old.

I don’t want her to go but I’m at a stand still with everything as far as continuing to pay for bills, her needs and rent. I can’t keep up with her expenses and the attention she needs. I used to be able to give her all my attention and it’s not fair to her that she has to be in the kennel at home most the time because I’m working. Yet to mention, I don’t have any friends or family that’s able to take her because of her breed. I just don’t want her to go to a pound.


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Stillwater, Minnesota, US