Barney is a 2-year-old male British shorthair. He has been neutered due to some behavioral issues he had beforehand, he is up to date on his rabies and temp vaccinations (I will give you the paperwork), and he is overall a very sweet cat. He is by NO means a lap cat, rather one that will crave enough attention and then leave you be at your side. He does not like any poultry foods, I mainly feed him a diet that consists of tuna and other seafood since he always eats those right up. Barney has very good oral hygiene as I brush his teeth twice a week (despite him being very oppositional about it), I brush his coat every other day, I bathe him every two weeks, and sometimes I will put him in his harness and leash to take him outside to enjoy the weather if it’s nice. He does not really like walking or being outside as he is an indoor cat, but he WILL cry occasionally to go outside. Please only let him outside if he is in his harness.
Along with Barney, I am going to include ALL of his accessories, which includes but is not limited to:
– toys
– cat tree
– litter box with scooper
– Pretty Litter bags
– wet and dry cat food
– cat food containers
– feeding bowls
– leash and harness
– carrier
– backpack carrier
– scratching tray
– coat brush
– toothbrush
– (optional) his drying towels for when he is bathed
My fee for him is set at $800 given his breed and everything that will be included with him, but I am willing to negotiate if him being neutered is any issue or anything else for that matter.


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Firestone, Colorado, US