I actually live at Copco Lake, but there was no listing for my location. I am about 30 miles south of Ashland, Oregon, and about 26 miles from Yreka, California. These kittens were rescued from a very bad situation. They are approximately 5 to 6 weeks old, they are all long-haired, two orange females, and one black male. They are eating really well on their own, I soften their food first with hot water, then I add goats milk to it to make it a little more runny for them. I have also started putting dry food down and water, and they are experimenting with those. Lol. They also are using the litter box on their own. The dark orange kitten I am keeping, so there are 3 left. I am asking for a $25 rehoming fee, to help cover expenses and to make sure they go to a good home. I have not been to a vet, chipped, dewormed, or neutered/spayed and they do not have shots yet as they are too young. This will be up to the person who adopts them to have it done. Thank you.

NEW UPDATE:: There is now only one little orange girl who still needs a home. Please contact me for a chance to own her!!


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Ashland, Oregon, US