Introducing Our Boy River!! I’ve also been Calling him Bluey lol. Originally we thought Mina was done after Pup #7 (Raven) was born, but we were wrong lol! Blue was born at 5:08am weighing 10.35oz.

Bluey has an open husky mask with a wooly rare blue coat. We did a Flash test this and Bluey flashed red eye in both eyes. What I love most about his appearance is that his nose seems like it’s completely filling in. He’s going to have a solid blue nose, wooly blue coat and blue eyes!! If I was solely focused on breeding for looks, He’s a Perfect 10!! However if you follow my program you know that I don’t judge my dogs based on their looks. “Looks are an added Bonus”!! Temperament & Obedience is where the real Beauty lies! Although Bluey is only 2 weeks old, he’s already showing me signs of what a cool & chill dude he’s going to be.

Right now the weight estimate is based on Mom & Dad’s Weight. Mama Mina weighs 19lbs and Papa Googie weighs 13.9lbs. Lineage is Documented, and everyone is health cleared through Embark. Minas Grandparents & Great Parents are Championship Title Holders; as well as Googies Parents & Great Grandparents!

Here at My Crazy Pomskys we believe in breeding with Purpose! Our dogs are bred based on Health, Temperament & Obedience. That is our Foundation for bringing Healthy, Happy Pomsky pups into the world! Combine that with great food, NuVet Supplements, Fresh Water, & a Loving environment; and you have the perfect formula that will allow your pup to thrive and live a long healthy life! We are Proud of our dogs and their lineage. We have been Mentored by one of the Best Pomsky Breeders in the World, and because of that we are Proud to offer a 5 Year Health Guarantee for ALL of our Pups!

All Pups will be Registered with USPKC, Have a Health Clearance from our Vet + Stool Test. They will be Chipped with a Fi-Nano Chip. Parvo shot will be given at 5 weeks old & DAPPV at 7 weeks old. All pups are dewormed every 2 weeks beginning at 2 weeks old.

They go home with a 24lb bag of Food, Olewo carrots, treats, healthy bones, an awesome blanket, leash & collar set, travel bowl, and a health card with deworming & vaccine info.


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