Sonic is a 12 week old pure bred Golden Retriever. He loves to play and enjoys quality time and physical touch. He loves to sit and relax while watching a movie but can quickly jump up and run outside if you want to go for a walk! He is very well mannered and listens. Sonic never barks unless you’ve forgotten to take him potty. He loves children and other dogs. Especially smaller dogs. He is curious as to why they’re smaller than him! He runs like he’s moving at lightening speed but his feet just can’t keep up yet! He loves to play with soccer balls and footballs.
He is an amazing part of our family but we have to rehome him due to our work schedules not aligning with the love and support we want to give Sonic and are looking for a family who can give him what he greatly deserves. He is cage trained. He has his vaccines and I have the documentation.


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Redlands, California, US