I have a beautiful XXL imported European Doberman available for purchase. He has a beautiful medium high ear crop $900 procedure. He is currently 2 years old and weighs over 100lbs. My vet estimates he will exceed 130lbs at full growth potential. European Serbian import FCI pedigree and AKC registered. “WS” registered NO Z-FACTOR. He was sired from great champion European bloodlines. Ginga House Russia, Del Nasi, Reme Max, Padoku, Pride Of Russia, Grande Vinko, Sant Kreal, Altobello, Pando Pandero. THE BEST EUROPEAN BLOOD YOU WILL FIND. He is fully house trained, crate trained, on-leash off-leash trained. He will not run away from you and will return on command. My Doberman has been exposed to multiple vet visits, pet friendly parks, lakes, beaches and pet stores and public community events. He loves to ride in vehicles and is very protective of his owner when he is in a vehicle. I feed my Doberman the best organics and natural diet foods that consist of high protein dry food and raw foods. The dry food brand I feed him is called “taste of the wild” I also feed him raw meals that consist of chicken, eggs, beef, fish, lamb, duck, rice, vegetables, fruits, and coconut and fish oils. My Doberman has a very strict diet and his stomach is sensitive to cheap dog food. I expect his new owners to continue with his healthy eating lifestyle so that he may receive the best nutrients and vitamins to ensure proper growth and development. He has been evaluated with children and animals and he loves to interact with kids and play with other animals. He does good with female dogs but does not interact with “large” alpha male dogs. He’s very sweet with children and enjoys the attention and playfulness of children and other dogs. He has a very high prey drive so he will chase cats and squirrels. If you are a individual living alone, a couple, or a family that is interested in having a great family companion and a very protective guard dog for your home or property this would be the PERFECT Doberman for you. My Doberman has a daily inside/outside schedule. When my Doberman is outside he is very active and likes to run the perimeter of the yard and guard his territory and alerts me by barking at unknown strangers or animals by my fenceline. He enjoys running and playing in the backyard. When he is inside our home he enjoys laying in his bed, taking long naps, playing with his stuffed animals and begging for treats. He is very alert and on guard when inside of my home, if somebody is pulling in your driveway or approaching your home, knocking on the door, or trying to enter the home, he will bark and growl and go to the door and windows to make his presence known. My Doberman is very protective of his home and inside vehicles with his family. My Doberman enjoys hiking trails and going for long walks, he does not like strangers to approach you and will place himself in between you and a unknown individual. If a stranger is approaching he will bark and growl in a defensive way. He also responds to aggressive behavior and tone changes. My Doberman is a true “velcro” dobie and loves to be at your side at all times. He loves to protect and be in the presence of his owners. The temperament of this Doberman is perfect for any household that has small children. He is very gentle and sweet with kids. My Doberman would be a great prospect for a service/therapy dog for a special needs child/adut or a military vet or protection work. This is the type of Doberman that will fit right in with your day to day lifestyle and activities, the benefits of allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of having a Doberman right away. I want to place him in a active family household with children or with a active individual or couple. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask me. AKC registered and comes with FULL breeding rights, health tested and DNA on file. Proven producer. Over 10k invested in this Doberman. More pictures and videos can be provided upon requests for serious buyers only. Thank you for your time and interest, I wish you the best in your search for a new Doberman. SALE PRICE $5,000

-APPROVAL CONDITIONS- Potential buyers will be screened and the best home and candidate will be chosen for this Doberman. I will not sell him to anybody based on just being able to pay his sale price. My intention is to find the best home suitable for my Doberman.

If you would like to meet him in person you are more then welcome to come see him anytime. Depending on your location delivery is also available for a additional cost.

20 years experience with breeding, training and importing European Dobermans. If you have any questions or concerns Please call or text anytime.


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