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About Great Dane Dogs and Puppies

The Great Dane is a brilliant and implementing breed of dog that has earned the nickname “Apollo of Dogs” because of its spectacular stature and regal bearing. These gentle giants are known for their size and energy, as well as their loyal and affectionate personalities, which cause them to be loved partners for families and individuals alike.

One of the maximum placing features of the Great Dane is its effective and muscular frame, which could rise up to 34 inches tall on the shoulder and weigh as much as 2 hundred pounds. Despite their length, however, Great Danes are distinctly sleek and agile, with an easy and convenient gait that belies their power.

In addition to their impressive physical appearance, Great Danes are known for their strong face and neck, giving them an air of dignity and majesty Their large framed heads, high eyebrows, and deep eyes as it reveals wisdom and intelligence.

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