Purebred Lab Puppies For Sale. Both Parents on the premises… We have had many dogs we love them all but the parents of these puppies are the most remarkable loyal dogs we have ever had. They are stars in our community, everyone loves them. Labs are generally between 50-70 pounds per The American Kennel Association The Chocolate Mother is 80 llb and The Yellow Lab who is the sire is a big big boy at nearly 130llb. He is a Service Dog a remarkable hunting dog and shed hunter (valuable antler deer elk and antelope shed each year). Most of all- they understand everything they are very athletic and both are incredible characters. Prim, (named for character in The Hunger Games) the mother, is all heart. Drogan, (named for character in Game of Thrones and The Song of Ice and Fire) the sire, is everyone’s favorite and has special noises and signs to accurately express himself. Prim is 7 and Drogan is 8. We had given up that they would ever have puppies, the litter, of 11 puppies, came as a huge surprise! They are really miracle babies and they have charmed us and melted our hearts with just so much love. The parents of these puppies are great watch/guard dogs and are especially great with children. They have especially bonded with my grandson, the boy they grew-up with. Drogan and Prim both have watched , loved, guarded and helped raise him all their lives. Their puppies are the most valued and valuable puppies you could ever possibly invest in. Already at one month old they each have personalities all their own yet expressions of their parents. They have captured our hearts however, 11 puppies are far too many to keep, love and expend the energy they have every day to keep them healthy. Labs are a big responsibility but with that comes a much greater reward. There is a reason that Labs are the most loved dogs in The United States. We want each puppy to have good homes with people who will invest in them properly and seriously understand how to take care of dogs. They have been vet checked and had their dewclaws removed per AKC Standards. We have invested in a seriously healthy diet for the mother to produce healthy milk. They have been dewormed and claws clipped enough to spare their mother unnecessary pain and will be vaccinated at 8 weeks as our vet recommended.


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