2 X 5 month old orange tabbys. Both are real genetic brothers and I HEAVILY prefer that they be adopted together although if you genuinely can’t then it’s fine. They’ve been with other cats before, the short haired one (Zoro) is super fine with them the last time we had a kitty visitor, the long haired one (Sanji) became super territorial which is normal although after sometime (days) he moved past it. Though who knows whether or not that will always be the case. They’re both neutered and have their claws. They’re litter trained and self clean. They’ll eat anything which is a positive but can be a negative so keep a keen eye on what foods you leave around. No health issues to my knowledge. They’re perfectly fine Cats I got them when they were young months ago but now I’m moving out the county and would love for them to go to a nice home with an AMAZING family. Couples are ok as well as single folks too. If you get them both you can have the litter, the litter box, toys, foods, treats, and even pet carrier, but ONLY if you get them both. We can meet outside my apartment door for my own safety concerns and privacy. The cats don’t like cars or being outside especially Sanji (the long haired one) he’ll scream louder than a baby and make people look at you like your doing something wrong to him when your actually just taking him to the vet, so if you want a indoor cat that probably will never escape on their own he’s the one. Zoro gets nervous and may meow a few times but he actually tries to escape the house regularly but never succeeded thanks to me lol that’s also something to keep and eye on. Last but not least I don’t think I got them their shots yet. I had them scheduled but then stuff happened. I was going to get them their shots this month but now I’m leaving so if you get them that responsibility is now yours. I think they’re like $20 at the Houston Humane Society. That’s All!


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Houston, Texas, US