A 7 week old Belgian Malinois litter with 5 adorable and energetic puppies ready to find their forever home. The pups are full of energy and love any possible adventure whenever they get the chance. With a full chocolate brown coat and a black mask blend, they look so beautiful and pure as any other Belgian Malinois. They’re incredibly active, so an owner who loves to go outside or has time for physical activities would be the perfect pair for any of these pups. The puppies are all vaccinated and are healthy.
Belgian Malinois are known for their strong mouths and athleticism, so they are great for farms, protection, and families too, with enough training and socialization. If this description seems perfect for your lifestyle, this breed is the right one for you.
Within the litter, there are 2 females and 3 males. Once you are interested in buying one you must inform which pup you would like so we can place a holding.
We do require on site pickups only. Once you meet the puppy we will accept any questions or concerns and let you meet the parents of the litter. Parents of the litter are farm and protection dogs.(Pictures include the litter’s parents, BUT THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE).


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Laurel, Mississippi, US