Introducing Rudolf, your future bundle of joy!
This stunning Blue Merle Male Yorkie boasts a unique and exotic coat pattern that sets him apart.
With his piercing eyes and lush fur, Rudolf is a standard-sized wonder, embodying the beauty of his breed.
Not just a pretty face, he’s brimming with playful energy and affection, ready to become your devoted companion.
Raised in a loving environment, Rudolf has been socialized with both humans and other pets, ensuring a smooth transition into his new family.
Health is our top priority, and Rudolf comes with all vaccinations up-to-date, a comprehensive vet check, and a health guarantee.
This boy is not only beautiful but also intelligent, showing early signs of brilliance in training sessions.
Don’t miss the chance to welcome this rare and enchanting Blue Merle Yorkie into your life.
Rudolf is a heart-stealer and will make every day brighter with his joyful antics and loving cuddles.
Act now to bring home this furry gem—Rudolf is eager to start his new adventure with a loving family like yours!
Contact us today to schedule a visit or for more information on how to adopt this extraordinary pet into your heart and home.


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