Chocolate Havanese male will be ready June 3rd. Comes with age-appropriate shots and deworming. Super soft and Fluffy. They all love loves.

Ewokian is a mix of purebred havanese and purebred Pomeranian. Pups will be no bigger than 10lbs. As of right now Nick weights in at 5.5lbs and Priscilla 6lbs they are both full grown so I expect them to stay toy size. They have a lifespan of 12-15years. Their purpose is companionship so please if you can’t be around them most of the time try another breed we have. They also get along with most animals and humans. Ewokian are more fragile than the purebred havanese so supervision with younger children might be necessary especially if they rough play. They may be hypoallergenic but the Pomeranian does have dander depending on what traits the pups carry you may have a hypoallergenic puppy. They will also require brushing daily or every other day to prevent tangles. Grooming requires pin brush, slicker brush, and nail clippers. Ewokian are medium energy and requires daily exercise. A good walk 2-3xs a day or 30-45 minutes 2-3xs a day of outdoor play is all they need. Making these pups great for all ages and even apartment friendly.


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