🐾 **Introducing Our Lady Bulldogs of Love** – Born on the Day of Hearts, Ready to Capture Yours! 🐾
🎀 **Our Valentine’s Day Treasures** – Each Female French Bulldog is a Bundle of Joy, Eager to be Your Forever Friend!

✨ **Meet Our Burgundy Collar Tri** – A Showstopper with a Coat as Unique as Your Love for Her.
✨ **Admire Our Teal Collar Tri** – Her Charm is Sure to Steal Your Heart with Every Puppy Kiss.
✨ **Behold Our Grey Collar Blue** – A Rare Gem That Radiates Love and Offers Endless Companionship.

📅 **Born on February 14, 2024** – These Pups Symbolize Love and Are Ready to Create Cherished Moments with You!

💉 **Vaccinated for Health** – Lovingly Immunized to Ensure a Healthy Start and Peace of Mind for You.
👩‍⚕️ **Vet Checked for Assurance** – Each Puppy has Passed a Thorough Vet Exam, Confirming Their Optimal Health for Your Confidence.
🐛 **Dewormed for Vitality** – We’ve Taken the Necessary Steps to Provide a Clean Bill of Health for a Joyous Puppyhood.
📜 **AKC Registered** – Proudly Documented Pedigree, Bearing Witness to Their Exquisite Lineage.

👩‍🔬 **Mother: A Vision in Blue Fawn Merle** – The Pinnacle of Elegance and French Bulldog Splendor.
👨‍🔬 **Father: A Lilac Tri Marvel** – His Stunning Appearance Sets the Bar for Bulldog Excellence.

🎖️ **1-Year Health Guarantee** – We Stand Behind Our Puppies with a Promise of Health and Dedication to Their Well-being.
🔬 **Parental Health Excellence** – Over 214 Genetic Tests Conducted to Ensure the Legacy of Robust Health and Vitality.

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