I need to find a new home for my baby Jade. She’s approximately 4 months old. I’m ready to start work on April 4th(part time) and I’m a full-time college student for early childhood education. I won’t be able to give the love and attention she deserves. I am located in Danville, VA and have a 4x2x2 Dubia enclosure, 2 Pangea Arcadia 12% 24” UVB lights, Arcadia heat lamp cage, Arcadia ceramic lamp holder, two repti basking bulbs, F10 cleaning solution, decor items, repashy multivitamin, two calcium supplements (D3 & without D3), non-adhesive liner.Everything is practically new. I’m not just giving her to ANYONE!! I have to know she’s going to be in a very loving home that I can get updates on.


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Danville, Virginia, US