🌟 Meet Your New Best Friend: The Exquisite Lilac Tri Fluffy Carrier French Bulldog! 🌟

Introducing the most adorable addition to your family: our handsome Lilac Tri Fluffy carrier French Bulldog male pup, who is sure to steal your heart with his charming looks and lovable personality!

🐾 Birthdate to Remember: Born on the idyllic day of March 15, 2023, he’s been growing and thriving, ready to join your home and bring endless joy.

💉 Health Comes First: Rest easy knowing he’s been vaccinated with up-to-date shots, providing the best protection to keep him frolicking at your side.

🔍 Microchipped for Safety: Equipped with a microchip, this little guy ensures peace of mind as he’s always identifiable, making every adventure worry-free.

👩‍⚕️ VetChecked: A Thorough Seal of Health: Our dedicated veterinarian has given him a clean bill of health. With a meticulous vet check completed, he’s in tip-top shape for all the playdates and cuddles ahead.

🧬 Unaltered and Full of Potential: Not neutered, he maintains his natural state, offering you the option for future breeding or simply enjoying his complete vivacious spirit.

🐛 Dewormed: A Happy Tummy: Deworming has been diligently administered, ensuring a healthy digestive system for a more content and comfortable pup.

📜 Registered: A Pedigree to Be Proud Of: As a registered French Bulldog, his prestigious lineage is documented, showcasing his high-quality breed standards and exceptional traits.

🎨 Rare Beauty: Lilac Tri Fluffy Carrier: His rare and stunning lilac tri coloring, combined with the potential to carry the fluffy gene, makes him a unique specimen, sure to turn heads and capture hearts wherever he goes.

This little prince is not just a pet; he’s a companion, a family member, and a testament to the beauty and joy that French Bulldogs bring into our lives. With his playful demeanor, loving eyes, and a coat that’s simply irresistible, he’s ready to make your world a brighter place.

Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome this exquisite Lilac Tri Fluffy carrier French Bulldog into your home. Contact us now to make this bundle of joy a part of your forever family! 🌈💖

📞 Get in touch today to learn more about adopting this beautiful soul into your life. Let the journey of friendship and love begin!


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