🐾 **Introducing Our Male French Bulldog Puppies: Green Collar Blue Boy & Blue Collar Blue Boy!** 🐾

🎂 **Born with Love on Valentine’s Day:** Celebrate the Day of Love every day with these adorable boys, born February 14, 2024! 🎂

💉 **Vaccinated for Vigor:** Each pup comes with up-to-date vaccinations to ensure a robust start in their new journey with you. 💉

🔍 **Vet Checked for Vitality:** Our experienced veterinarian has thoroughly examined each pup to certify their excellent health. 🔍

🐛 **Dewormed for Wellness:** We’ve taken proactive measures to ensure these boys are free from pesky parasites. 🐛

📜 **Registered Royalty:** Officially recognized, these puppies come with registration papers to showcase their purebred lineage. 📜

👁️ **Not Microchipped Yet:** We leave the option to microchip for their new family, allowing you to choose your preferred provider. 👁️

✂️ **Whole and Happy:** These boys are not neutered, granting you the option for future breeding or at your discretion for timing. ✂️

🎨 **Stunning Parentage:** Their mother is a breathtaking Blue Fawn Merle, and their father is an impressive Lilac Tri – true French Bulldog splendor! 🎨

🛡️ **1-Year Health Guarantee:** We are so confident in our puppies’ health that we offer a solid health guarantee for your peace of mind. 🛡️

🧬 **Health-Tested Heritage:** Rest assured, the parents have undergone comprehensive health testing, ensuring a strong genetic legacy. 🧬

🐶 **Ready for Love:** These handsome boys are seeking families that will cherish them as much as we do. Will you be the one to continue their story of love? 🐶

Contact us now to welcome one of these exquisite male French Bulldogs into your heart and home! 🏠❤️


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