Selling 2nd generation micro mini golden doodle puppies! There is 8 total. 4 all white, 3 gold/white mix, and 1 solid gold. Of the solid white 2 are male and 2 are female, 2 of the gold/white mixes are female, and the solid gold is female. Puppies are great cuddly family dogs and love children and other pets

The picture of adults shown is the mother (white) with a fully grown daughter from her last litter 14 months ago. Mom is about 20 lbs and Daughter stopped growing at about 15 lbs.

All dogs sold will be without breeding rights. If you are interested in buying WITH breeding rights, add $1000 to the puppy total price. Puppies born December 22nd.

If you are interested message me! Non refundable deposit of $300 is required, and you will claim the puppy you want and get weekly pictures videos and updates. Total sale price is non negotiable, I purchased mothers with breeding rights for $3,500 each so I’m starting as low as I am willing to go. Thanks so much!

Edit: Solid gold has a deposit down. 7 more still available.


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Fort Wayne, Indiana, US