🌟 Introducing Our Adorable Miniature Poodle Princess! 🌟

Meet our precious little girl, a delightful Mini Poodle waiting for her forever home!
This female beauty is the epitome of poodle charm with her intelligent eyes and playful antics.

🐾 Health Comes First: She’s been vaccinated to ensure a healthy start in her new home.
Our commitment to her well-being is evident with a comprehensive vet check completed, giving you peace of mind.

🎀 Born to Stand Out: While she’s not microchipped, she’s been lovingly cared for and monitored, making her a safe and secure addition to your family.

🌈 A Future Full of Potential: As a not yet neutered pup, she offers the possibility for experienced owners to consider a future breeding program or simply enjoy her as a lovely pet.

🐛 Dewormed for Her Comfort: She’s been routinely dewormed, guaranteeing she’s free from parasites and ready to play and cuddle.

📜 Paperwork in Paw: Rest assured, she is registered, solidifying her pedigree and ensuring you’re bringing home a genuine Miniature Poodle.

💖 Love in Every Fiber: Raised in a warm, loving environment, she’s socialized and ready to become a loyal companion.

Don’t miss your chance to welcome this little lady into your life. She’s more than just a pet; she’s a lifetime of joy and companionship.

💌 Contact us today to schedule a meet-and-greet that will surely melt your heart!

🐩 The Perfect Addition to Your Family Awaits… 🐩


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