Hope is a really chill dog. She mostly likes to relax and lay down ( mostly sleeps, lol ). She likes to play with her toys sometimes, not super active but active all the time. She loves to go on walks. Just be sure to bring water and a water bowl with you. I’d say in my own opinion that she might be best with a family that is not too active because she’s lol pretty much lazy. As for children, she’s great with she can play with kids, and she will not be aggressive. She’s pretty much chill to the point where we can buy her dog clothing, and she will let us put it on her. As for people and new areas, she can be a little temperamental. She will bark and try not to move, or she will bark, and you will have to hold her down and tell her to sit. That way, you can properly handle her, and then she will relax. When it comes to the point of protecting the house she’s great at it you can leave her at home by herself and she will be ok she is perfectly house trained. If she is sick, just don’t leave her at home by herself. She likes car rides going to parks or just hanging out with you. It just takes a little time for her to get used to you, that’s all. Overall, she is a great dog, just very chill and is only a little aggressive with new things or new people.


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