Looking to rehome our beautiful husky puppies. Our rescue unexpectedly gave birth in December of last year, which means she was pregnant when we rescued her. The puppies will be 8 weeks on Friday, February 16th. We are not breeders and did not expect this so NO, the puppies have NOT been vaccinated (they can’t until they’re 8 weeks anyway). They’ve been pooping and eating normally, and have not been dewormed either. Please do so as precaution.

These puppies are sweet angels. I’m so in love and will be so sad to see them go but our biggest hope is that they end up with an owner(s)that loves them unconditionally. Please only purchase if you are serious and understand the responsibility of owning a pet. A pet is family. A pet is forever.

2 females 1 is super light and has two deep blue eyes. The other one is tan and has two light blue eyes.

4 males. One is brown and has one blue and one brown eye (he has been claimed). One is tan and has one brown and one blue eye. Two are black and have beautiful light brown eyes, that look almost grey.


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