So I had this little guy for about 1 month and a half and I got mostly everything you need for him- just have to get more bedding and medium size mice’s. I have a video of him eating so he’s just fine, the only reason why I’m giving him away is because I’m always busy and not around too much to take good care of him. The cage is big enough for him but you got to buy him a bigger cage in like 2 or 3 more months, besides that I got the heating light for day and night and a temperature tape inside the cage to tell you how hot or cold it is and I got two mice’s I could give with the whole set. Only have to feed him once a week Bcz he’s still small. I got him for 100$ at petgo and the cage that came with a few things that was 430$ and honestly I’m not asking for a lot just a good amount but I’ll let y’all decide and we can probably make a good deal. ALSO have to come pick it up- I don’t have a ride


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