Meet Wanda, the delightful Yorkshire Terrier, a true gem among pups!
Born on November 13, 2023, she boasts a stunning dark chocolate coat that sets her apart.
With her natural tail wagging, she carries a piece of uniqueness, showcasing her purebred beauty.
Her parents, imported from overseas, provide her with a lineage that is both impressive and exclusive.

Wanda is a healthy little girl, as she’s been thoroughly vet checked to ensure her well-being.
She’s been vaccinated, keeping her protected against common canine diseases.
Consistent deworming has been part of her routine, ensuring she’s free from internal pests.

Although Wanda is not microchipped or neutered, she’s a registered member of the APRI, affirming her pedigree status.
Charting to be around 4 pounds in her adult weight, she’s the perfect size for a loving companion that you can take almost anywhere.

Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome this exquisite Yorkshire Terrier into your life.
Wanda is waiting to fill your days with joy, companionship, and the prestige of her distinguished origins.
Contact us today to make Wanda a treasured part of your family!


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