Rhea and Jewels are American Pit Bull Terrier-Dachshund-Boxer mixed dogs (mutts). They were born sometime in March 2022. They are fully vaccinated and taking heartworm medications monthly. Rhea is the smaller dog and Jewels is the bigger one. I don’t know much about their family history, but I do believe they were taken awat from their mother a bit too soon, so their growth may have been stunted a bit. Currently, they are both at their maximum size (Rhea is about 22 pounds and Jewels is around 30 pounds) and they are not getting any bigger.

I want to sell them together; it would break my heart if they separated, and they would be so sad and lonely without each other. They are super playful, extremely loving (more loving than any dog I’ve seen or had before), and they do everything together; you’ll notice different things they do at the same time/in the same way without looking at each other. They love to play outside and rough house a bit, but they care for each other as well; they are often concerned for each other and try to take care of the other if anything seems wrong.

Recently, I’ve fallen into hard times financially, and have been so busy that it’s difficult for me to give them the proper attention they deserve. I want them both to go to a loving home together so they can get the love and care they deserve.

Both girls have already been spayed. Included with the girls is everything you’ll need to care for them: water bowls, food bowls, harnesses, a duo leash, dog food, a year’s worth of their monthly meds (which cost me $650 alone), toys and toy buckets, treats, collars, shampoo, and more. I will give away all of this with them for $600 unless someone wants to pay more if I have multiple offers at once.The price is completely negotiable as youay not want all of the items/supplies I have for them. However, medication cannot be returned so that will go with the girls.

Feel free to reach out to me with any offers to buy and care for them, and we can discuss any questions or concerns.

We are currently located in Conyers, GA, USA


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Covington, Georgia, US