Hey lovely community, this is Cheers!

He is a Capricorn cat born on December 23, 2022 and is now 1 year, a month and 4 days new. Cheers is an 11.40lbs American shorthair, mix breed that has been fully vaccinated.

Cheers also known as “Tiger” is a kind hearted kitty with thick soft paws whom enjoys touching, cuddling and belly rubs.

He is fully potty trained and now ready to be reunited with his new family with a $777 rehome fee entailing delivery and all of his legal documents.

Since Cheers is now fully chipped he is now officially up to date with all of his shots as of December 29, 2023.

This little guy is the king of cuddling and is by far the chilliest most caring cat breed I have owned. While it’s bittersweet to have to let him go since he’s so affectionate and gentle.

I wholeheartedly believe he deserves a family who will have enough time and energy to love and attend to him and all of his caring needs.

Also where I am moving he will not be able to travel nor reside.

So he is ready to be welcomed with so much love and open arms into a new loving and caring home with plenty of peace and patience.

If you’re genuinely interested in having Cheers brighten up your life!✨
Don’t hesitate to contact me, Huni Miaé.

And we’ll arrange a meeting time and place you’re able to retrieve cheers and his records.
I am able to deliver.

As the $777 rehome fee does include delivery, food + water bowl supply, litter box + scooper.

Also his comfy bed & his favorite fuzzy blanket, 7 cat toys, along with his chips, spay, neuter and rabies records.

Kind regards & cheers to a new year of abundant love + more life to tú y tu familia!🥂✨



Little Elm, Texas, US