**Introducing Our Charismatic Male Frenchie: Green Collar Blue Boy!**
**A Valentine’s Gift of Cuddles:** Born on the day of love, February 14, 2024, he’s destined to be your heart’s companion!
**Vaccination Vigilance:** With vaccinations complete, he’s a bundle of health and happiness ready to play!
**Expertly Examined:** Our trusted veterinarian has given him a clean slate of health, ensuring he’s primed for joy-filled days!
**Deworming Done Right:** We’ve taken care to ensure he’s free from parasites, making his transition to your home seamless and safe.
**Pedigree Pride:** With registration documents in hand, this little guy boasts a lineage of top-tier Frenchie charm.
**Microchip Flexibility:** Opt to microchip him at your convenience, giving you control over his identification and safety.
**Breeding or Neutering? You Decide:** As he comes intact, you have the opportunity to choose his path – be it as a future sire or a cherished pet.

**Beauty in His Bloodlines:** His mother is the stunning Blue Fawn Merle, his father the exquisite Lilac Tri – purebred perfection!
**Health Guarantee for a Heartfelt Commitment:** Enjoy a year of assurance with our health guarantee, because we believe in the wellbeing of our puppies.
**Ancestral Health Assurance:** Genetics matter, and with health-tested parents, he’s set to inherit a robust constitution.
**Seeking Affection and Attention:** This charming prince eagerly awaits a palace of love – perhaps your home is his destined castle?

**Your Chance for a Forever Frenchie Friend:** Don’t hesitate to add this lovable male French Bulldog to your family. Reach out now and embark on an endless love affair!**


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