These service dog puppies have been getting training since 2 weeks old. The mother (Molly Mojos Picket Soggy Acres) from two narrow nosed double champions shows parents AKC Labrador, whom I trained to perform a wide variety of very precise conditions I have a torn spinal cord. Molly has identified heart attack, blood clot, infections….by licking the patient wrist, chin, and then sitting looking at the suspected location. These pups are 8 weeks old and well on their way to a very successful future as special services dogs. And can already detect infections. Licking the location. Car freindly following commands, I will provide additional information on your continuing education on their training. I use vinegar and water. mists above them to redirect their interests. I breed her with a short hair Border Collie white with blspots under head. The male only contributes about 10% DNA. The narrow nosed Labrador is the original breed from Norway and very difficult to find. The Border Collie is of very high intelligence. This is my first attempt to make a better service dog than just Molly’s DNA. So far, they are exceeding my expectations. Focusing on my conditions. a 8 weeks. I have excellent education and experience in child psychology and developing this technique with the guidance of Olivet Kennel of dog training original owner Sapir Wess when Molly was 6 months old she was tested for her progress. She and I were perfectly in tune. I was in Sutter hospital Monday to see what is wrong my neck. Crust my nerves in my neck. Please buy the two black puppies there 4 months old.


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